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Help in downloading PDF documents
The PDF Reader is a software which is free of charge and freely available. It allows PDF files to be displayed and printed on all major system platforms. If you do not have this software yet, you can download it free of charge here.

How do I download a PDF file?
If Acrobat Reader is installed, you can view the PDF documents directly in your web browser by clicking on the file symbol. If your Internet browser does not support the software, or if you want to save the document directly on your hard disk, right-click the mouse on Download (in Windows) or hold down the right-hand mouse button (in Macintosh), and then, from the context menu, choose “Save Target/Link As...”. Indicate the drive and the folder on your PC in which you want to save the file.

Searching the website
We offer you a comprehensive search function covering the entire range of services provided. You can search the pages for any search terms you enter.

To do this, use the “Quick Search” at the top of the page which will lead you to a result list and the possiblity to submit a full-text search. Search functions covering press releases, events, image galleries, etc., can be found in the Media Centre.

Printing documents
On every full-page version of a document, you will find a hyperlink to the print view. This will allow you comfortably to print a text in DIN A4 format without showing the navigation or header bars. To print in this way, choose “Print View” and then the ”Print” function in your web browser.

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