Abu Dhabi GIS Day

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GIS Day helps people around the world understand and use GIS. It is celebrated by hundreds of organisations with special events and activities in more than 80 countries. GIS Day is part of Geography Awareness Week, sponsored by the National Geographic Society, to promote geographic literacy in the public and private sectors, in schools and in communities.

Abu Dhabi GIS Day is organised by the Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre (ADSIC). This year's two-day event is one of the largest and most broadly attended GIS Day events in the region. It brings together leaders, decision-makers, government executives, experts, educators and interested members of the public to see the latest achievements of Abu Dhabi's GIS technology champions - the members of the Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure (AD-SDI) programme. The AD-SDI members help to facilitate, coordinate, support and promote cross-agency GIS coordination and sharing of spatial information needed to deliver services and plan for the future.

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